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One subject of controversy is the use of fowl pills from Jamaica for weight gain. In some cultures, the ideal body form for women is a larger more curvy shape, in contrast with the extremely skinny body type many people are socialized to prefer (or just say they prefer) in the United States. In Jamaican culture the girls desire to have large bottoms and breasts.  They take this to such an extreme that they take fowl pills in an attempt to gain weight in these areas.

The pills are meant to be used to make chickens grow faster. As if taking a medication meant for chickens isn’t bad enough, the real kicker is that the ingredient in the pills which causes the growth is Arsenic. The girls are ingesting arsenic, a very deadly poison in an attempt to gain weight. Over time the arsenic can build up and cause death, even if they only take a small amount at a time.

The pills are sold on the blackmarket in Jamaica. There is a high demand for such products; use is relatively common. Searching for information on the fowl pills (also called chicken pills) leads to many people searching for the pills, often from other countries as well; although it is recognized that Jamaica is the primary source of such pills.


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